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Resource Packs
SpunkyJethro's Minecraft Server

Resource Packs

Resource packs and textures are a fun way to change the way the game looks! Below are some of my favorites along with some textures I've created.

Vanilla Tweaks

Packs listed below are from VanillaTweaks

    Lower and Sides - Link
  • LowerWarpedNylium
  • LowerCrimsonNylium
  • LowerSnow
  • LowerPodzol
  • LowerPaths
  • LowerMycelium
  • LowerGrass
    Utilities - Link
  • BrewingGuide
  • DirectionalHoppers

Other Resources

    Custom Textures
  • Chicken Nuggets - Link
  • Pumpkin Overlay - Link
  • Tacos - Link